Interns are a platform where students find meaningful Internships with organizations of all scales. Our aim is to bring the concept of internship / apprenticeship to the center stage as it is a crucial bridge in the development of our society.

What we have built

Students across the globe use Interns to find Internships of all forms (Internships, Visual Internships, Brand Evangelists, Volunteer Opportunities, Campus Ambassador and Full time jobs). With more than 3000 organizations onboard we are transforming how talent meets industry.

What we believe in

We like to change things. We believe in human potential. We believe in opportunities. Intern is a culmination of these believes. Through the word “Lets” we want to drive the positivity of action. We are focused on building the future where students can experience real opportunities while they continue their education and build a smarter future. Future at Intern lies in perfecting this industry -student interaction platform.

Our Mission

To help people everywhere find a job and company they love.

Our Values

We are transparent. We are open and honest. We share information – the good and the bad – so we can continuously learn, collaborate and make the right decisions.

We are innovative. We actively pursue new and different ways to further Intern’s mission. We forge our own path by challenging the status quo.

We are good people. We work together with integrity, respect and compassion for one another. We have fun together. We are inclusive, fair and humble while remaining confident. We do the right thing, period.

We have grit. We are resilient, resourceful and scrappy. We see challenges as opportunities. With passion and courage, we come together to get the job done.